We have the willingness, ability and passion to do whatever it takes for your supply chain. We have access to the largest Global presence, manufacturing capabilities and extensive resources (GET, GPD, RT*) within our industry to deliver all your hygienic solutions.

*GET = Global Engineering Team
GPD = Global Product Development
RT= Rockline Trading

At Rockline Europe, we pride ourselves on being one of the top manufacturers and experts of wet wipe products in the world.

Global Reach

Being part of global company we are able to service all of Europe. We have created the processes required to provide a prompt service to anywhere on the planet. Just as importantly, our unique company culture enables us to provide products, expert advice and cutting-edge product development to meet the needs of our European customers.


We have the best innovation professionals working at Rockline. With over 300 years of industry experience they understand every step of the process and they make sure that we continually lead the way with the next generation of top quality products.

In conjunction with our marketing teams, we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and the latest consumer trends. We look to develop strong relationships with our customers and they work us in discovering the best solution to meet their customers’ needs in order to excite and delight them.