Global Product Development

We will collaborate with you on your brands to keep you at the forefront of hygienic solutions. We have the knowledge and richest experience from the world’s best collection of Innovation experts; we harness the deepest supplier partnerships along with cutting edge social technologies.

Rockline has been developing a truly global product development process for a number of years, establishing a system for designing, engineering and developing hygienic products throughout our business.

Our product development centre is located at our European headquarters in Redditch, which means our product development experts are at the forefront of any senior decisions within the organisation.

Our global product development framework is based on a local-global approach to ensure close co-operation between our manufacturing sites, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation within Rockline.

We have in total over 300 years of hygiene experience with some of the best talent in the business. Our experts are constantly looking to develop more efficient processes and materials in order to continuously increase value to ourselves and customers.

Our product development team specialise in the following product areas:

  • Non-woven Material
  • Chemistry Design and Formulation
  • Packaging Material and Design