Global Quality Assurance

Our Global Corporate QA group oversees consistency in processes and procedures across all manufacturing sites. Our unique company culture and values means you can always trust us to do what is right for the client and consumer, irrespective of our own internal image or cost.

At Rockline our commitment to quality begins with our quality policy:

At Rockline Europe we are committed to Safety, Quality, Integrity, Sustainability and Excellence in everything we do. We consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements by continually improving the process through which we develop, manufacture, and deliver our products. We measure our success on customer satisfaction.

This is executed through efforts across the organization which is led by our Global Quality Assurance Management Team. Their mission “is to contribute to business success by providing the strategic vision and tactical expertise leading to world class quality systems that result in each and every product fulfilling all expectations.”

At Rockline we recognise that all our employees contribute to quality. Our operations are very focused on team involvement and our “We All Have A Hand In Quality” program recognises their contributions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage a Global Supply chain to make products to the highest standards such as the BRC global standard for consumer products. Additionally we make a wide variety of products that meet the applicable international regulatory standards including Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated medical devices, drugs and food contact materials, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulated hard surface disinfectants and Consumer Products Safety Commission regulated cosmetics.