UK Wet Wipe Facility

Rockline Europe has been located in Redditch since February 2000 and is based on a ten acre site with 150,000 square feet under roof.

As well as being a manufacturing plant it is also our European headquarters for our Sales, Marketing and Product Development groups, ensuring that customers have access to every resource possible.

With a capacity to make well over 100 million packs per annum we are confident that we can accommodate your requirements across a broad spectrum of product markets and formats.


All our lines have in-line metal detection and operate using Statistical Process Control to maintain high quality levels. Each line is equipped with live data capture, ensuring we know everything there is to know about the manufacturing of your product.

Our fluid preparation area is built to automatically supply our production lines and is a resource that we rightly pride ourselves in. With rigorous treatment of incoming water and control systems in place, you can rest assure your product is made to all the right specifications.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

The site is BRC approved annually and maintains its own internal nationally accredited microbiology laboratory. We also have a modern chemistry laboratory to provide further assurance of the safety and quality of incoming raw materials.

The facility maintains a permanent Continuous Improvement team that works with our manufacturing groups to ensure that we are constantly develop and enhance our core competencies, using all the contemporary techniques available.


Rockline works to constantly reduce its impact on the environment and we are delighted to say that our site is zero landfill from a production waste perspective.