Rockline Industries Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Rockline Industries Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Sheboygan, WI – April 4, 2016 – Rockline Industries, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of coffee filters and private label wet wipes, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this April.

In 1976, the Rudolph family entered the coffee filter business and later expanded into other consumer products including wet wipes in the 1980’s.  Forty years later, the company is still family owned and has grown to over a 2,000-person organization with state-of-the-art domestic and international manufacturing locations with customers across the globe.

Rockline credits its people and relationships for company success.

“We have benefited from the good fortune of having strong relationships with extraordinary people who work with us as associates, customers and suppliers,” said Randy Rudolph, president. “We’ve never lost sight of what really matters. We are deeply thankful for everyone that works closely together and contributes valuable talent, time and ideas.”

In addition to its people and relationship-focused culture, the emphasis at Rockline continues to be on innovation. The company was the first to develop a wet wipe refill  package, the first in the U.S. to introduce pop-up folded wipe, and the first private-branded company to develop a truly flushable moist toilet tissue.

“We are committed to continuous support of our customers with cutting-edge products, faster speeds to market and environmental sustainability,” said Rudolph.

Rockline will celebrate its anniversary throughout April with company celebration events.

About Rockline Industries

Rockline Industries was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of coffee filters and consumer, health care, industrial and institutional wet wipes. A family-owned company, Rockline has repeatedly created first-to-market product design solutions for the wet wipe consumer, and continues to provide innovative products to the nonwovens industry. Rockline employs approximately 2,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Arkansas, New Jersey, England and South China. For more information on Rockline Industries, visit 40 years