Household Specialist Wipes

A range of household specialist wipes to cater for every household need.

Stainless Steel Wipes

These wipes work perfectly with all stainless steel appliances and surfaces, from kettles to hobs. The formulation is designed to help keeping stainless steel sparkling, surfaces shining and leave a streak free finish.

Wood & Laminate Wipes

This range is ideal for caring and protecting all wood and laminate surfaces. These wipes remove dirt, dust and grime, these pratical wipes are a must have for any modern home.

Granite Wipes

We offer a streak-free formulation, safe for food preperation surfaces. They are effective for use on granite and natural stone.

Pet Care Wipes

The pet care industry requires expert knowledge and technical ability to help protect our extended family. At Rockline we provide the latest ingredient innovations and help guide you through pet wipe process.

Packaging Formats Available: Flowwrap | Canister

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