Surface Cleaning Wipes

Helps kill 99.9% of bacteria on all types of surfaces.

Our surface cleaning wipes can be used in variety of locations within the home:

Specially tailored bathroom solutions offer great flexibility when designing a product unique to your brand. With a choice of materials, fragrances and target specific solutions, our bathroom wipes help your company take the next step in hygienic cleaning. We can also add active ingredients to help protect against limescale and other well known bathroom problems.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and so we can help you create a range of wet wipe solutions which not only smell great, suitable for food preparation areas and keeping kitchens sparking clean. Great for quick and immediate clean.

Our disposable toilet wipes offer the quickest and most thorough clean ever, with germ busting formulations and EDANA approved flushable technology, our Rockline scientists have solution to suit all needs.

Our multi-surface surface wipes have a strong cleaning strength and are suitable for use on multiple surfaces within the house. For an anti-bacterial product, we can support the claim – Helps kill 99.9% of bacteria on all types of surfaces. These wipes kill bacteria and viruses common to the household. We offer multi-surface wipes in a range of fragrances and packaging.

Packaging Formats Available: Flowwrap | Canister | Stand-up Pouches

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