D3 Process

Our speed to market from our unparalleled team of industry consultants will get your next marketable product options ahead of your competition, using our unique proprietary D3 system.

We understand in today’s competitive landscape the importance of speed to market. What sets us apart from our competition is our people and being able to provide you the best service at great speed through our unique proprietary D3 model.

The reason we can offer this service this is because within our team we have the hands-on knowledge and experience of developing wet wipes from production through to developing the finished product.

We have incorporate this experience into our D3 model which means through working with us we ensure you get your next marketable product on the shelf ahead of your competition.

Here is a list of the main elements our D3 system encapsulates:

Design: All stages of turning a Marketing concept into a product design that can be manufactured in one of Rockline’s production facilities, or a partner plants around the world.

Develop: Regulations approval, Product Specifications, Packaging Options, Material Ordering, Artwork Development, Product Testing and Trialling, Consumer Testing

Deliver: Planning, Production, Logistics, Delivery.

Contact Us

If you are interested to talk about your branded business with Rockline Europe, you can contact us at contractsales@rockline.co.uk or alternatively use our online contact us form. Our European Contract Manufacturing Services team will look to contact you as soon as possible.