Environmental Sustainability

We’ve chosen to focus our efforts on three key areas we feel are critical to our business and central to environmental sustainability. In each area, we’ve publicly laid out our aspirations for the future and highlighted key strategies. These aspirations reflect the long-term nature of our journey and provide our company with a compass to guide our decision-making.

Fossil fuel independence

Rockline wants to move away from fossil fuels toward clean, low-carbon energy.

  • Use energy more efficiently
  • Show preference for low-carbon fuels
  • Adopt alternative and renewable energy sources
  • Eliminate sources of energy use

Create value, not waste

Rockline wants to minimise waste and its impact on the environment.

  • Design waste out of our system
  • Increase manufacturing efficiencies
  • Divert solid waste from landfill
  • Investigate alternative waste strategies like reuse, recycling, and energy recapture
  • Eliminate sources of wastewater from our operations

Ecologically intelligent products

Rockline wants to make and sell products that sustain the environment in the long term.

  • Make products that perform using less material
  • Use materials that come from natural sources and recycled inputs
  • Incorporate chemicals that are safe for human health and the environment
  • Eliminate packaging and choose packaging materials that are more recyclable by consumers