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Creating the ideal wet wipe for your brand can be a daunting task

With a saturated market boasting diverse product offerings, it’s crucial to innovate in order to stay ahead of your competition. From selecting high-quality materials to crafting the perfect formula, balancing product efficacy, and meeting demanding production deadlines, the product development process can feel overwhelming.

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Navigate the wet wipe manufacturing maze with confidence

Imagine partnering with a manufacturer that not only shares your passion for wet wipes but is also determined to meet and exceed your brand expectations. With the right partner, your custom-designed wet wipe products could compliment your brand portfolio in a way that leaves your brand managers and customers beyond satisfied.


Singular focus on producing remarkable wet wipes

As a leading European contract manufacturer, we collaborate with well-known brands to create top-notch wet wipe products tailored to your specifications, while our strict quality control and supply chain management ensures that nothing stands in your way.

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Wet wipe production to support your brand's vision

We understand the importance of personal attention and a reliable supply chain for ambitious brand managers. Count on Rockline as the proficient partner you’ve been searching for, allowing you to focus on unlocking the full potential of your brand.


Wet wipes production made effortless


Discuss your requirements

Share your product ideas and aspirations in a thorough consultation to meet your brand's needs.


Design and develop

Collaborate on new wet wipe products, tailored to your brand's vision. Read more about proprietary process here.


Manufacture and deliver

Experience streamlined production and supply chain management, bringing your products to market.

Boost your brand portfolio with outstanding wet wipes

Take the first step toward building an outstanding wet wipe selection for your brand. Once you partner with Rockline, you can:

  • Effortlessly design and develop custom wipes
  • Ensure superb quality with close collaboration
  • Fast-track production with unbeatable supply chain management
  • Accentuate your brand line-up with specialised wet wipes
  • Discover what sets you apart from your competitors

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Set your brand apart with premium wet wipes

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