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Wet Wipe manufacturing doesn’t come without an environmental cost. At Rockline we believe we have a responsibility to care for our planet while caring for your brand.

The organisational focus we launched on Earth Day 2008 has evolved into our current sustainability program.
We are infusing sustainability even deeper into Rockline’s culture by improving the sustainability of:
  • the material we source
  • our products
  • our operations
  • our communities

This signals our commitment to sustainability to our customers, suppliers and community.

As part of this commitment, as an organisation Rockline has aligned with near-term science based targets to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in ten years compared to a baseline year of 2022. We developed a strategy that will not only help us meet that target, but exceed that goal in a matter of years.

Here at the UK facility we publicly show our commitment through our involvement with EcoVadis and we are proud to have achieved Silver Sustainability Rating for 2023.


Rockline’s Sustainability Program Aspirations
These are the ways we envision bringing our Sustainability Mission to life. If our Sustainability Mission is the “Why”, our Aspirations are the “What.”

ASPIRATION: Ecologically Intelligent Products
Make products that perform using less material:
• Use materials that come from sustainable sources and recycled inputs
• Incorporate chemicals that are safe for human health and the environment
• Eliminate unnecessary or excessive packaging and choose packaging materials that are more recyclable by consumers
• Source materials to achieve net zero deforestation for our products

Align all Rockline packaging to:
• Plastics Pact
• Emerging packaging legislation
• Identify and remove any chemicals of concern from wet wipe formulations

ASPIRATION: Fossil Fuel Independence
• Use energy more efficiently
• Show preference for low-carbon fuels
• Adopt alternatives and renewable energy sources
• Eliminate sources of energy use

Reduce absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 combined emissions by 50% in 10 years against 2022 baseline year

ASPIRATION: Create Value, Not Waste
• Design waste out of our systems and processes
• Increase manufacturing efficiencies
• Divert solid waste from landfill
• Investigate alternative waste strategies like reuse, recycling, and energy recapture

• Solid Waste: Reduce absolute solid waste by 10% in 10 years against 2022 baseline year
• Water: Develop Water Stewardship Program

ASPIRATION: Be People Who Make It Right
Pursue excellence in people development:
• Be a committed community partner
• Make a difference for those seeking a brighter future

Rockline recognises outstanding leadership and promotes community involvement