About Us

Rockline Europe is a provider of world class hygienic solutions. With production facilities in the UK, Germany and China we can cater for all your customers’ needs throughout Europe.

We produce products for Europe’s largest brands and retailers and have developed strong relationships with them through our years of service and partnership.

As a company we actively seek to find new ways to help our customers’ businesses grow through understanding consumer trends and providing continual innovation; allowing our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition.

We do this through continual investment into our production, research and development, and technology. In fact, all the profits we make are invested back into business to ensure we stay at the cutting edge. We are proud to say we are one of the most financially strong companies in the industry. This allows us to support our customers in joint investments and large scale projects.

We have two European facilities and four in the USA which gives us the ability to meet your market requirements in both capacity and flexibility.

We can confidently state that we have widest portfolio products and formats within the industry. Within the realm of hygienic solutions, no request is too difficult for us to meet. If there is something you require we can get it for you.

Coupled with our vast portfolio, we are committed to providing product that is of the highest standard. Quality of our product is fundamental to how we operate at Rockline. Our global quality assurance team understand what is required to make products legal and safe.